Nayara Hangaroa

1+ days. Recommended 4 days

A magical and sacred place, Nayara Hangaroa is located on Easter Island in Chile. "Rapa Nui," the native name of the island, is a destination with a unique development and history. Found throughout the island are over 900 statues, Moais, made of volcanic rock, some more than 33 feet. How they were built and transported remains a mystery to this day. At Nayara Hangaroa, the team takes pride in showing guests what makes this remote and enigmatic island so special. Their story is about stunning natural beauty, mysterious statues and connecting guests with a sacred and vibrant culture. Understated luxury awaits as you explore.

from NZD $950pp

Save 25% when staying 4 nights or more!

Blackout dates: Carnival, Peak Season and Easter week

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