Venezuela Tours

Venezuela is often considered the forgotten country for most travellers in and throughout South America but Venezuela Tours could change all of that. Home to many unique natural wonders and stunning architecture, it should be on everyone’s must-see list and with Eclipse we can help you tailor the Venezuela Travels and highlights adventure package of your lifetime.

Travelling through Venezuela, you will have the opportunity to discover some rare experiences and sights not possible anywhere else in the world.

Already know what you absolutely have to see? Gain access to the best of the best that Venezuela has to offer with Eclipse.

A famous attraction such as Angel Falls, you would normally think, should be a sight well established to handle a significant amount of visitors each year. However, getting to Angel Falls is an adventure in itself. The dense jungle and uninhabited areas surrounding this spectacular waterfall make it less than easy to gain access to without help and support from locals and operators who know the area well. Eclipse can help you to make your Angel Falls experience every bit as fantastic as it ought to be.

To the east in Peru is the Orinoco Delta. The Delta has many native Amazonian villages throughout the region where you can step back in time and visualise and experience the way the locals live and go about their day to day life now as well as how they would have over the centuries. After some exciting and exotic jungle time, a trip into Los Roques National Park is a must for some perfect Caribbean islands, beaches and well-deserved relaxation.

Angel Falls Safari
Angel Falls Safari

Angel Falls, the world’s highest single drop waterfall, is located in Canaima National Park in the south eastern part of…

Duration: 5 Days
Departs daily
Venezuela Contrasts
Venezuela Contrasts

Spend 10 days exploring the best of Venezuela with its waterfalls, pristine island beaches and diverse wildlife. We’ll start with…

Duration: 10 Days
Departs - Daily