Northern Argentina Explorer

7 Days - Departs daily

Embark on a thrilling journey through the heart of northern Argentina! Kick off your adventure in Tucumán with a captivating city tour, then head to Tafí del Valle, where ancient Menhires stand sentinel over breathtaking landscapes. Next stop: Cafayate, a wine lover's paradise nestled among picturesque vineyards. Prepare for an epic drive from Cafayate to Salta via Cachi, revealing rugged vistas and charming villages along the way. In Salta, immerse yourself in colonial splendor with a city tour before venturing into the mesmerizing Humahuaca Gorge. As your week of exploration draws to a close, bid adieu to Salta, leaving with memories of rugged beauty and vibrant culture etched in your soul.

from NZD $2024pp

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